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Made in Japan Quality

The Thinnest Extension (Power) Cord in the World

O.003 inch Thik

This surprisingly thin extension cord solves all the problems you had with ordinal cords.


Official Name:
'フラットコード/Flat Cord’ (Original)
PVC, special copper electric sheet, ABS
11.8 inch, 20 inch, 40 inch, , 80 inch~ (flat section)
Black, White, Orange etc
1500 watts
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extension cord under carpet

Smart Power Solutions for Every Situation

It can fit any small gaps.
Effortlessly and stylishly secure power supply for computer equipment and peripherals.

Safe and Stylish Accessible Design

You don’t even feel that it’s there.
Reduce the risk of tripping.
Ensure the safety for wheelchairs, strollers, wagons etc.

extension cord under carpet extension cord under carpet

Charging while Closing Door

For charging Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV).
Solve the problem of bulky cords preventing car doors from closing.
The cord doesn’t break easily.

Every Product Made by Japanese Craftsman’s Hands
Every product passed inspection for 3 times/ each product

  • PL Insurance
  • Life time warranty(Until the production of Flat Cord ends)*
  • Tested with a current of 125V and a current 1.5 times higher than 1500W (2250W), with temperature rise testing conducted.

*Customer is responsible for round-trip shipping costs.Warranty covers only wire breakage in the flat section's copper plate.Warranty does not apply if the product is damaged due to customer negligence.

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  • Performed a test where a caster chair with a load of 198 pounds was placed on the flat section and passed through 20K cycles. No wire breakage occurred.
  • Conducted a load capacity test by placing a 1.97 inch diameter rod on the flat section and applying a load of 4 tons. No wire breakage occurred.
  • Even after 3 years of power supply from a generator muffler box installed on an exterior hitch carrier, no degradation or wire breakage occurred.


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Customer Reviews on Amazon

Fantastic alternative to hiring an electrician to put in floor outlets!

I purchased this cord to power a recliner loveseat which was in the middle of my room; cord is perfect under a very low pile area rug, you can’t feel it at all. No issues with standard USA outlets.

It's very very thin and works exactly as expected. Seemed like a lot of $$$ for a cord, but once I used it for my application and it worked I realized it was a bunch cheaper than an electrician.

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